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What is the Perfect Body?

Hi!For those of you who may know me, you know I am NOT an advocate of trying to achieve a specific body type. So the Perfect Body Yoga Program isn’t about trying to get MY body, or the body of your favorite celebrity. It’s not about a bikini body or any other image based goal either. We’re not glorifying one archetype and calling it the goal.

With this program, we’re redefining what it means to have the “perfect” body. We believe that the “perfect” body is simply the healthiest version of the body you already have. It’s a body that’s strong and flexible, one that’s free of little aches and pains, one that allows you to move freely and with confidence, and that’s what the Perfect Body Yoga Program helps you achieve.

The most valuable part of this program is the private group for PBYP members only.  And I have to be honest with you here.  When we first set out to build this group we were hoping that people would come together and talk about the program, but it’s become so much more than that.  I’ve never seen a group of people be so supportive and encouraging.  People are motivating each other through the program, you have people who have become good friends in real life and you have people who never share anything on Facebook sharing their personal struggles because of how safe they feel in this group.  I couldn’t have imagined what an amazing thing this group would have turned out to be and it’s exclusive to Perfect Body Yoga Program Members.

Anyway, that’s enough from me.  Feel free to look use any of the resources, including testimonials bellow and of course if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.

-Erin Motz
Co-founder Perfect Body Yoga Program

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“I don’t write reviews (like, ever) but this programme… Erin, the BadYogi team, they really made something special. I came into this three months postpartum, so basically in the negative as far as physical fitness goes, with no kind of self-care me time going on. My goal was primarily to tackle the joint pain pregnancy left me with and have 40 consecutive minutes a day sans baby — if I lost some weight, all the better. And while PBYP gave me all those things, there were a lot of really positive unexpected side effects too; like the AMAZING Facebook group full of love and support and cute yogi dog photos; a serious betterment of my depression and anxiety; several ‘whoa, is that actual muscle definition??’ moments. Straight up, best thing I’ve done for myself in years. Can’t wait to do it again! <3”


“This is THE yoga program for everyone. Regardless of your flexibility, or your years of experience, or if you’ve never stepped on a yoga mat before, try this program. Erin is amazing! The flow, the energy, the calm – it’s what I was looking for. True, pure yoga. After Day 1 you will feel a difference and not just physically. I now wake up at 6am to enjoy my daily
Yoga practice. I want to get to the mat. It has brought me back to my practice.”


“I wanted to wait and write my review until the end of the program, just in case. If I could give this 10 stars, I would. I have tried a few workout programs over the past few years and none has changed me more than PBYP. The physicality of the program is do-able. As someone who is in decent, not great, shape, I found the flows appropriately challenging. I definitely gained tone throughout my body and gained quite a bit of strength. I’m much more flexible now. I immediately restarted after finishing all 8 weeks and the difference from then to now was noticeable. I can really feel the flexibility in my hips, which is a notoriously tight area for me. Additionally, the online community is awesome. It’s super supportive and full of ideas. The meditations are great and I wish there were more. I can’t say enough. For $129.00 it’s a steal. A yoga studio month-long membership is often more than this and this is at least 2 months, at your pace, forever. It’s an investment in yourself that is money incredibly well spent.”


“This is truly a whole body and mind journey. The community of PBYBers are extremely supportive with nothing but positive and uplifting comments to keep you moving forward 🙂 What I found the most amazing was the strength that my body achieved in two short months. I have been doing yoga for six years, but never achieved the strength I have achieved from this PBYB program. The sequencing of poses are good for everyone, no matter what level you may consider yourself, from beginners to well seasoned practitioners. The diet suggestions are good and solid ideas. The meditations offered will certainly still your mind, if you will let them. The program is taught with gentleness and care and acceptance.”


” I went from barely being able to reach past my knees to being able to grab my feet in forward folds, put my heels down during down dog, and do a chatarunga with my knees up! Not only that, but I also lost weight, feel incredible, and have gained a significant amount of self love and confidence. I highly recommend this program for anyone regardless of level or experience!”

– Carson

“This program is amazing!! This is the strongest I’ve ever felt in my life and I couldn’t be happier. It really focuses on non-scale things other programs forget/don’t highlight and the classes are so much fun. The value you get with the PBYP is so much more than the $139 you pay for it. I highly recommend.”

– Acacia

“I bought this program on impulse and have not looked back. It is a program that keeps on giving. It is easy to incorporate into your life and when life gets crazy, hetic, it’s there waiting for you. The PBYP facebook community is a beautiful bonus, full of supportive like minded people. This program helps you to grow and change for the better without any sacrafices or major lifestyle changes. It is about balance and brining yoga into your daily life and front of mind. I have now completed the program and would highly recommend it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT xx”

– Katherine

“I was dealing with a running injury and lack of motivation when I heard PBYP was coming out. Having loved other classes with Erin, I was excited to try this. I loved the easy to follow structure of the program, the way Erin teaches feels inclusive and it is easy to follow along with the video to get into each pose. The mini classes for when I am short on time are a great bonus. As someone who struggles with meditating, the meditations were easy to stick with, I use them often! If you want to reignite your passion for yoga and learn to love and respect your body, you must try this program!”


“I loved it and want to make sure I keep the momentum going. I didn’t take any before pictures but my body feels stronger and firmer, and I’ve been a regular excerciser since my teens. I also feel more confident and my moods have improved. I’ve been teaching yoga for 9 years and I teach 5-7 classes a week so it’s hard for me to get to someone else’s class. This program really made me remember why I loved yoga in the first place and it’s made me feel my more inspired in my teaching. Also, I started it during a difficult time in my life and it has helped me so much. So glad I made this purchase. Yoga works.”


“Yoga and this course is most definitely for guys Erin!! My wife and I did the course together each night after the kids were finally to bed 🙂
I’ve been doing Yoga regularly for about 4 years now. I came from a Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts background where it a very aggressive and competitive environment. I had to hang up the gloves because my body was falling apart (and I was getting too old to compete with the 18-20 year olds haha).
It took me quite a while to feel comfortable in Yoga class because it was such a DRASTIC change in environment. Honestly, I started going for my wife Teresa so we could spend time together and I was a bit embarrassed admitting I was doing Yoga. I was given a very hard time about from my Kickboxing/ MMA trainer. In fact it became one of the reasons I ended up leaving that gym.
Once I finally accepted the fact that it was OK to LET GO, my Yoga practice became something completely different. It became something I do for myself and I love it now, especially the calming effect it has on me. Punching and kicking used to be my stress reliever. Now, if I have a rough day at work or in life, Yoga is what gets me back to where I need to be! Yoga has helped my body recover from the damage I’ve done to it during my fighting years. I’m not 100% and probably never will be but I credit my Yoga practice for getting me where I am today. I maybe not be the most flexible and there are a lot of poses I can’t do but I love it and I recommend it to any guy!”


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